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Quality goods trusted since 1973

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Lee Tat Seng Polyethylene Company is a well-established company since 1973. We are proud of our existence as a reputable wholesaler and distributor in the plastic and packaging industry for the past 40 years.

We offer on-demand, specialized and personalized solutions for all your plastic and packaging needs. Our services provide one-stop solutions for our broad-based industrial customers through practical, innovative and cost-effective products.

We have established our good repute and high credibility through the years in the competitive plastic and packaging industry due to our commitment to the following:

  • Operational efficiency aided by computerized operations
  • High quality service
  • Product diversity and quality
  • Customized and personalized solutions for specific product requirements

We continue to strive towards excellence with our competitive pricing and high service standards where you can be assured of quality products unparalleled in the industry.



  • 运营效率
  • 优质服务
  • 产品多样性和质量保证
  • 针对特定产品要求的定制和个性化解决方案


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You can locate us easily at our 3 establishments where you can have a first-hand view of our products and
get answers to all your queries on the services we provide.

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